is an obsessive compulsive philatelic project of video curatorship, an informal research on art on TV, about the mediatic vision of artistic discourse. Whether visions in a mocking tone, parody, with entertainment program dyes or serious research, what the project seeks is to see what happens when mass media interprets their views on the most cryptic cultural sphere of all: contemporary art .

The criterion includes disparate recordings, expert looks on art and also amateur, absurd optics, good or badly founded criticisms, ridiculous fictions, romantic idealizations, pedagogical formats, etc. & nbsp; Then the non-specialized viewer approaches art, & nbsp; but also the expert agent enjoys an art reality show or a sit-com and finds unexpected or unlikely sources of analysis. is & nbsp; a free and open videographic library, & nbsp; works as an alternative channel, based on audiovisual piracy, for both entertainment and procasting purposes, as well as teaching, and with the running of years has become a source that students, teachers and artists from all over Latin America come to.

An extensive archive of scarce and limited circulation material that finds channels on the web to filter into art classes at all levels in the Spanish-speaking world thanks to our  ClubSub , a comunity of collaborators who take advantage of the networks that the web offers to share these rare findings.

Put together, these cultural fragments, these digital video recordings from everywhere and authors of the world, become a new image of the art of our time, a television sculpture of collective creation consisting of a global flow of ideas, a turning point between the industrial era and the computer age, between the twentieth and twenty-first.

Through the years has unplugged from the internet and has infiltrated museums, exhibitions and some other formats and contexts > SEE